Notice:  It is essential that the base of your bullets be clean and clear of any residue or debris.  For optimum results use copper jacketed bullets.  If you use cast lead bullets particular care must be taken in cleaning all lube from the base of the bullet, or identifier could lose adhesion.

Identifier Application Instructions:

1.       PEEL an Identifier off the sheet provided in your Trajectory Identification Kit.

2.       POSITION the Identifier on the center of the base of the bullet. (Picture on back of box)

3.       PRESS the Identifier firmly onto the bullet.

Now load your round as you would any other. 

Log on to to see a free video showing application of Identifiers.


Powder/Propellant Recommendation

Propellant type can have a dramatic effect on the performance of Glow Ammo.  Fast burning powders such as Alliant Bullseye or Hodgdon Titegroup are recommended for optimum results.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Glow Ammo changed how you shoot?

It certainly can.  Having immediate real time feedback on shot placement is now a must.  Glow Ammo is the only thing on the market that can safely expose faults, trigger jerks, and explain trajectory better than ever before.  Knowing you can see your bullets allows you to be more aware of your environment, as opposed to being overly focused on your sights to a fault. 

So are you saying you no longer use traditional sights?

That is not what I am saying at all… Take golf for instance, Tiger Woods does not focus his sight on the club when he goes to hit the ball… He focuses on the ball.  My point is you have to be visually engaged with the target and utilize the firearm as a tool to engage the target, without having to be “buried” on your sights to a fault and losing your tactical awareness.  Glow Ammo enables this, by allowing you to take aim looking “through” your sights at your target without losing your overall awareness.  A shooter becomes much more capable, utilizing the feedback on the previous shots than they can ever be only having the preliminary information that sights and optics give.

Some argue that because Glow Ammo cannot be seen in broad daylight it does not have great added value.  How do you respond?

Glow Ammo is not currently effective in broad daylight; however, we are constantly developing new product and hope to have something for market very soon to fill that void.  With that said, a great majority of shooting is done indoors nowadays, and Glow Ammo is always effective indoors.  Prime time hunting opportunities often take place early morning and late evening.  The vast majority of crimes where a citizen needs to defend themselves or their property occur after dark, and law enforcement officers will attest to the same… criminals operate at night.  Having said all this, Glow Ammo does not cause a bullet to not be a bullet in broad daylight, still shoots just as straight, I just cannot see how someone would not want the enhancement on their rounds for when the time is right.

 That brings up a great question, does Glow Ammo affect accuracy?

 I am glad you asked.  There is no measurable difference in velocity or accuracy with Glow Ammo applied to any hand gun round.  The weight of an Identifier is less than a grain, and countless chronograph tests have shown no change in velocity from rounds that are not treated.  I would argue that any bullet treated will Glow Ammo at the range is more accurate than without, because now individuals can make mid magazine adjustments that have never been possible until now.

Why do you think Glow Ammo is so good for today’s shooters?

To begin with we live in the information age.  Everyone has information at their finger tips that is readily available that before took countless research hours to attain, now all we have to do is go the internet and the possibilities are endless.  With regards to ammunition however trajectory and feedback is still grossly configured by calculations and stale data.  Glow Ammo makes the basics of trajectory understood with one trigger pull.  Basically, we all want more information and we want it now.

Can Glow Ammo help our industry and way of life with future generations?

Absolutely, used to there was nothing cooler for a kid to go to the range and burn some powder with a dad or an uncle, etc.  Now that same age kid is exposed to crazy weapons and ammo on incredibly realistic video/computer games.  Not to mention, that every movie is now in 3D and MTV is constantly shoving something down their throat.  Simply put this is a sight and sound generation… so we have to appeal to that to get them hooked.  With Glow Ammo treated ammo, your bullets look like laser beams… this is a big way to get the next generation to range and off the couch/computer.

What calibers are eligible for Glow Ammo?

We offer 3 different size Trajectory Identification Kits… 9mm, 40 Cal, and 45 Cal.  However, any handgun round in the prescribed caliber "family" i.e. 9mm - .380, .38 spl, etc. will work fine.